Lamellar II


Starting the new year with sth creative and dynamic, here is the PART II of our new fashion clip

mermaid catsuit Blackmilk, elevator boots Guidomaggi

Makeup products Beautystore thessaloniki & All M cosmetics Hellas

Hair Hairmaniax

Thanks to Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki & Aqua Forum Fitness Club


more posts coming soon :)


For those who missed PART I

AdmirableCo – Patterns mix


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15 20 100 blk-blvck-dope-swagblk-blvck-dope-swag10 t100 tbxc-20 blvck-blck-admirable blvck-tbxc-dope-black- t tbxc-111 tbxc-belt-blvcktbxc-xx-blvck tbxc-blk-blvck-dope-swag tbxc-blk-swag-blvck-admirable tbxc-blvck-blk-dope-swag

Flannel admirableco, top ivyrevel, shorts stylemoi, belt vintage versace, shoes adidas superstars, iPhone case the dairy, nails luxury nails, watch daniel wellington, bracelet gift from my friend Dimitris Petridis, sunglasses zeroUv, headband zara

foto Nikolas Tsoukanaras

retouch Christina -me

White, concrete, black stripes goals

stripes-11 ttbxc-strtbxc-stripes-details tbxc-stripes-a tbxc-stripes-hmtbxc-aaatbxc-noilence-tbxc-stripes2tbxc-adidas tbxc-white-stripes

top hm, trousers frontrowshop, eyewear zeroUv, watch danielwellington, shoes adidas, jewellery Noilence

Photos taken by my best friend and make up artist Efi  (her channel is On Your Face )

I am retouching my own photos ;) Follow my Fb page Toybox by Christina and also my instagram @toybox_by_christina

If you want to enlarge a picture, simply click on it for better resolution

Here is another monochromatic outfit of mine, featuring bw stripes :) I am in love with stripes, white, black, metallic, silver, concrete bw patterns. I cannot get enough of all these. And I am finding ways to represent minimal simplicity in my outfits. However, I will be blending colour in my posts as well. I have been working on different styles lately, and I will need your opinion about them <3 kiss you guys

-Christina xx

Concrete and The Blck Sheep

close-up-tbxc-toyboxIMG_2846 copy dnbg skirt srhg tbxc-black tbxc-blck tbxc-blvck

black-blvck-dope-trilltbxc-skirt-bLaser Cut Skirt Cutcuutur, Sunglasses ZeroUv, Heels SanteShoes, Watch DanielWellington

Photo by Efi Votsou (also my make up artist : On Your Face by Efi)

retouch by myself

Lately, I have been exploring new styles, more minimal, more dope, more blck mixed. I have been loving white and black simplicity in architecture and design and, now, I am depicting it also in my outfits. I will be showing you more soon.

<3 love you



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