Lamellar II


Starting the new year with sth creative and dynamic, here is the PART II of our new fashion clip

mermaid catsuit Blackmilk, elevator boots Guidomaggi

Makeup products Beautystore thessaloniki & All M cosmetics Hellas

Hair Hairmaniax

Thanks to Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki & Aqua Forum Fitness Club


more posts coming soon :)


For those who missed PART I

The first time I ever wished for something


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1149460_1740670262825682_5318968179802255209_odress-10-blvck-tbxc tbxc-dress tbxc-blvck-15 tbxc-blvck-dress-4 tbxc-blvck-3dress tbxc-dress-blvck-2 tbxc-blvck-5-dress tbxc-blvck-dresstbxc-blvck-dress-40 tbxc-blvck-66

opulence dress N12H , boots solestruck Jeffre Campbell, coat Wyou sunglasses zerouv, jewellery personal collection

fot On Your Face by Efi

edit (me) Christina Foka

I never wish for things, cause maybe next day I want something different.

We all know someone who changed our way of thinking to a certain extend, even if we do not meet them a lot. So, my wish goes out to that person, who is the one I am talking about :)


Christina -x


BLVCK TBXC fashion


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tbxc-blvck-dopetbxc-black-blvck-1tbxc-blvck-dope-1tbxc-blvck-selfielaser cut top CUTCUUTUR (Greek Architect-designers),

faux fur coat & inside coat Wyou ((The Mall Athens / Attica City Link Athens/ Attica Cosmos/ Attica Tsimiski Thesssaloniki),

cap Capkilla_caps_London

Jewellery GP_jewellerydesigner

Nike sneakers Deviceone

trousers guess

sunglasses Zerouv


fot Nikolas Tsoukanaras

edit (me) Christina Foka



Black chords


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tbxc-wyou-black tbxc-black11 tbxc-black8 tbxc-blvck-15 tbxc-black-15 copy tbxc-hair tbxc-hair-2 blackmilk-ig tbxc-black-3 tbxc-full tbxc-12 tbxc-black-18

both-blvck-all-black tbxc-black-2 tbxc-black-15tbxc-black-6

tbxc-blvck-blackmilk2 tbxc-bl-16faux fur coat & trousers Wyou (The Mall Athens / Attica City Link Athens/ Attica Cosmos/ Attica Tsimiski Thesssaloniki)

Body Blackmilkclothing / Sunglasses Zerouv / boots Solestruck / Rings Stylemoi / earrings hm

nails Aliona Gerasimova Luxury nails Thessaloniki

fot On Your Face by Efi

edit me (Christina Foka)

My father did a good job I think with my head. He is the one who shaved my hair. I so much like the feeling of shaved hair, I keep touching this side of my head.

Yesterday, I watched Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. It reminded me of Escher’s paintings. However, I still believe Escher was way ahead of his time, and the movie was just a nice movie, trying to talk about dimensions, quantum, chords and materialisation of love.



Christina -x


I need a Sailor


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tbxc-admirable-blvck-dope tbxc-blvck-admirable

tbxc-blvck-blck tbxc-blvck-adm1 tbxc-blvck-100

tbxc-blvck-admirable-2 tbxc-blvck-ig-1 tbxc-blvck-1b tbxc-admirable-blvck admirable-tbxc-2 IMG_7990


tbxc-blvck-19white hoodie, black long hoodie Wyou, leggings blackmilkclothing, inside long sleeve top deviceone, nike sneakers nike deviceone , sunglasses zerouv , rings blackmilkclothing, bag

fot Efi Votsou

Lately, I have been feeling weird vibes in the atmosphere. I want to fly to some place, and chill there for a while. This is what I used to do for many years. I used to travel a lot. Now I am based in Thessaloniki, which I love, since my friends and family are here. I don’t miss the trip, though, I think it is more an inclination to explore and meditate (I do that sometimes) -x


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