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pendant GPjewellerydesigner


sunglasses Christian Dior


fot Nikolas Tsoukanara

fot editing me

Hair Pola & Art ❤

“His name was Takeo
He was a mortal who became
a Ninja.

And tho Takeo was almost there

It was Kaente who killed Lord Iinta
Using one needle
And one knife”

Ottori Myth 😉


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necklaces (2 worn as 1) lifelines creations & stylemoi

top DeviceOne(representclo)

pants zara

handmade elevator boots

jackets  1. stylemoi 2. stylemoi

watch Daniel Wellington

sunglasses gift


hair Pola & Art Proksenou Koromila 24, Thessaloniki

fot Nikolas Tsoukanaras ❤

edit me 🙂


Who does Random Circles ??

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tbxc-cutcutuur-whitetbxc-blvck-fashion132laser cut random circle top Cutcuutur &

sweatshirt oasap

boots oasap

Jacket mostra

trousers zara

snapback capkilla London

sunglasses christian dior

fot. Nikolas Tsoukanaras

edit me, Christina Foka :*


I love CUTCUTUUR. Those guys are genius! They are architects – fashion designers from Thessaloniki who decided to make those awesome laser cut tops. Go ‘head check them out! Their designs are unique. I cannot really choose the most beautiful one, I could wear all of them 🙂 🙂 I am really happy when I discover new designers with such potentials

kiss you guys !

let me know what you think about my posts 🙂

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The first time I ever wished for something

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opulence dress N12H , boots solestruck Jeffre Campbell, coat Wyou sunglasses zerouv, jewellery personal collection

fot On Your Face by Efi

edit (me) Christina Foka

I never wish for things, cause maybe next day I want something different.

We all know someone who changed our way of thinking to a certain extend, even if we do not meet them a lot. So, my wish goes out to that person, who is the one I am talking about 🙂


Christina -x


Black chords

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both-blvck-all-black tbxc-black-2 tbxc-black-15tbxc-black-6

tbxc-blvck-blackmilk2 tbxc-bl-16faux fur coat & trousers Wyou (The Mall Athens / Attica City Link Athens/ Attica Cosmos/ Attica Tsimiski Thesssaloniki)

Body Blackmilkclothing / Sunglasses Zerouv / boots Solestruck / Rings Stylemoi / earrings hm

nails Aliona Gerasimova Luxury nails Thessaloniki

fot On Your Face by Efi

edit me (Christina Foka)

My father did a good job I think with my head. He is the one who shaved my hair. I so much like the feeling of shaved hair, I keep touching this side of my head.

Yesterday, I watched Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. It reminded me of Escher’s paintings. However, I still believe Escher was way ahead of his time, and the movie was just a nice movie, trying to talk about dimensions, quantum, chords and materialisation of love.



Christina -x


I need a Sailor



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tbxc-blvck-19white hoodie, black long hoodie Wyou, leggings blackmilkclothing, inside long sleeve top deviceone, nike sneakers nike deviceone , sunglasses zerouv , rings blackmilkclothing, bag

fot Efi Votsou

Lately, I have been feeling weird vibes in the atmosphere. I want to fly to some place, and chill there for a while. This is what I used to do for many years. I used to travel a lot. Now I am based in Thessaloniki, which I love, since my friends and family are here. I don’t miss the trip, though, I think it is more an inclination to explore and meditate (I do that sometimes) -x