~ Vintage Love ~

Boots with buttons at heels that were a possession of Louis XV in the period1865-1875

Tournur, 1885

Coat from 1920

Toilet in three parts from 1991 – corset, trousers and ball dress, recreated from collection of Martin Margiela.

Striped dress from green crinoline from 1865

Evening dress from 1995

Dress with tournur, 1883 


Photo: © Collection Musée Galliera © K. Maucotel / Paris-Musees/


~ And I read today… ~

For us, our connection is our separation…!Have you ever thought of it? Have you ever thought that people who truly love each other are more faithful to each other when they are not together?Those who really love each other. Not the ones who are just in love with each other… This is the only chance passion to become love, which is the goal. It is the only hope to fight with our common fear… Death