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Just a few thoughts of mine

Well, it’s been a long time since a had a dog… Sometimes, people can be really mean. My dog was killed when he was 4. I believe, anyone knows how it is to lose your dog.

Lately, I have been thinking of adopting one puppy and I don’t know whether it ‘s ok since I live in an apartment. Dunno, it is a big decision I guess to own a dog. It can be the best company but the responsibility is even bigger. Specially when I care about sb, I usually become over-protecting.

I guess I will make up my mind soon. Just sayin’… Have a good afternoon all :)))

There is no wrong with fashion…

… we can all be ‘fashion victims’ as long as it’s fun and makes us happy! Keep it to that extend, we do not need to exaggerate!

photo from: Campaign Against Dog Tail Docking: FASHION VICTIM