Slicks and Faux Fur (always faux)

black-blvck-tbxcblvck-1-tbxcbw-444bw-tbxc-342IMG_9668 copyblack-we4fweghefthertbx-cfhqwtbxc-48572398inside-outrfgrwetbxc-333tbxc-3445tbxc-38337tbxc-bw-7tbxc-bw-55tbxc-bw-faus-furtbxc-close-up

slick leggings blackmilk, faux fur ivyrevel, eyewear freyrs, top zara, boots sante, handcuffs noilence, bag adidas originals from device one

photo by Nikolas Tsoukanaras, editing by me ❤



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