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Blvck Trill – Adidas Originals

bag-blvck-trill-dopeblvck-adidas-trilltbxc-black-blvck-901-blvck2-blvckIMG_7850 copy tbxc-adidas-originals-2015-blvck-dope- tbxc-black-blvck-trill-adidas-originals-10 tbxc-black-blvck tbxc-blvck-dope-swag-trill-blk tbxc-blvck-dope-trill adidas-originals-tbxc-blvck-blck-dope-fashion black tbxc-adidas-sneakers-blvck tbxc-black-adidas-5 tbxc-black-adidas-2015

tbxc-black-adidas-sneakers tbxc-black-adidas-dope tbxc-black-blvck copy tbxc-blck-black-adidas-originals-blvck tbxc-blvck-adidas-originals-trill-1 tbxc-blvck-adidas-originals tbxc-blvck-blck-adidas tbxc-blvck-dope-trill-adidas-originals-1

bag & sneakers form DeviceOne Adidas Originals, top ivyrevel, hat style moi, pants salt&pepper, iPhone case the dairy, watch heads up watches, scarf vevelle

photo edit Christina Foka – photo Nikolas Tsoukanaras

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