Concrete and The Blck Sheep

close-up-tbxc-toyboxIMG_2846 copy dnbg skirt srhg tbxc-black tbxc-blck tbxc-blvck

black-blvck-dope-trilltbxc-skirt-bLaser Cut Skirt Cutcuutur, Sunglasses ZeroUv, Heels SanteShoes, Watch DanielWellington

Photo by Efi Votsou (also my make up artist : On Your Face by Efi)

retouch by myself

Lately, I have been exploring new styles, more minimal, more dope, more blck mixed. I have been loving white and black simplicity in architecture and design and, now, I am depicting it also in my outfits. I will be showing you more soon.

❤ love you



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