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Multiple Ways to Wear a TailorMade Coat

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tbxc-blvck-tm1 chr-tbxc-blvck tbxc-blvck-23 tbxc-blvck-5 tbxc-blvck-jj tbxc-blvck-jjj tbxc-blvck-ffd tbxc-blvck-kk tbxc-blvck-fa tbxc-blvck-wef tbxc-blvck-rger tbxc-fashion tbxc-fashion-3 tbxc-blvck-55 tbxc-blvckrt tbxc-blvck-tmkr



coat & top & necklace Tailormade Knitwear

jeans Salt&Pepper jeans

bag LouisVuitton

rings Blackmilkclothing

shoes SanteShoes

sunglasses Christian Dior


hair Tasos Barsegyan


fot Steve Ketner

edit me Christina Foka 😉



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