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tbxc-blvck-fashion-16 tbxc-blvck-chain-22 tbxc-blvck-chain-55 tbxc-blvck-chain-54

tbxc-blvck-shelfies tbxc-blvck-fashion-17 tbxc-blvck-fashion-35 tbxc-blvck-fashion-28

tbxc-blvck-456 tbxc-chain-67 tbxc-blvck-chain-58

tbxc-blvck-shefies-3 tbxc-blvck-fashion-1065tbxc-blvck-black-1

tbxc-blvck-chains-2 tbxc-ig-blvck tbxc-blvck-shelfies tbxc-blvck-chain-453


hoodie & cap shelfies , leggings blackmilkclothing, bag oasap, sunglasses Christian Dior

fot nikolas tsoukanaras

edit (me) Christina Foka

1. I want to be held captive in my chains
2. I feel cosy in my chains
3. You tell me to through off my chains, I ‘ll create more chains for myself
4. Go ‘head chain yourself
5. Or even better get someone to chain you instead

:”)) :’D :PP

I wanna share sth with you guys. You know I am a big fun of Blackmilkclothing. Well recently sb has been calling me “sharky”, just because of my attitude. Now, how weird can this be?

:’D :’D

kiss you all! come back later so you can see more outfits and staff :*

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