Me and the Yellow Man Vol. II

blvck-tbxc-str-1 tbxc-blvck-20

tbxc-fashion2- tbxc-details

tbxc-blvck-35 tbxc-blvck-105tbxc-blvck-307sweatshirt Oasap, bag Oasap, coat/vest/pants Wyou Attica (Tsimiski & Cosmos), customised white boots kricketshoes, sunglasses Zerouv, jewellery GPjewellery, rings bluebirdss & stylemoi

Fot. Efi Votsou – On Your Face by Efi

edit me 🙂

nails Aliona Gerasimova , Luxury Nails

Hair Pola & art (Proksenou Koromila 24, Thessaloniki, Greece)

In the 6th picture there is a yellow man. Do you see him? Yes that one. Last April I took some pictures at the same spot wearing a spring – summer outfit with a yellow Beanie. Well, that day this man was standing there wearing the same yellow coat. Now, how creepy can this be? This time, however, I did not notice him. Not until I saw the pictures later on my screen. Lol. I guess it ‘s destiny or something. :’)))

Now, I want to share my thoughts bout my look here. Well, the hair styling was done by Pola & Art. I love them! They always do exactly what I have in mind. Also, they died my hair dark with a touch of purple yday (I will soon make a post showing the colour- it’s already on my Fb Page 🙂 )

My striped clothes are from Wyou. You can find them either in Attica Tsimiski or Attica Cosmos mall. I finally found a brand that combines good quality and elegant / sporty style here in Thessaloniki. Most of the clothes I choose from them are black/white or plain black or grey but they also have some nice colourful styles.

Also, I have received that edgy top from Oasap which is exactly what I have been looking for and I have been wearing it the whole time lately.

Done with words! Thanks for reading me (sorry for my bad english !! ) and kiss u guys !



One thought on “Me and the Yellow Man Vol. II

  1. Yes, I saw the yellow man! Haha, that’s pretty interesting to catch – I actually had to scroll back to spot him. You have such a sharp and rebellious edgy style – I really like it ❤ Your hair is too cool for words! Can't wait to see more! xx =)

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW

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