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tbxc-blvck-2 tbxc-grey-15 tbxc-grey-salt-pepper-10 tbxc-blvck-35 tbxc-blvck-18ripped denim Salt and Pepper Jeans, hoodie & top Mostra
, coat Wyou , boots (white customised) Kricketshoes, sunglasses zerouv , bag oasap , rings oasap

Hair style Pola and Art

nails Aliona Gerasimova  Luxury Nails

Have you ever felt rejected? Was it your employer, your friend, gf or bf, relatives, your classmates or strangers? Did you feel sad, angry, depressed, lonely? It has happened to me many times.

I dress like a boy,

I am skinny,

I am posh,

I look tired,

talks about me and my personality

Well, sometimes it still gets me. I must admit that. I stay at home those times and read a book or work in my pc. But, I realise that I am lucky I have good friends. And lately I start realising that I hear a lot of good words from the people about my work. Well, I am never overexcited, but this really makes me smile. And then I recall my father’s words: There will be rough times, but the moment you will feel it cannot go worse, something will happen and drag you out of that situation. Something will give you power and strength to move on. Do you get my point? I am not good in conclusions, so I don’t know how to finish this monologue. My advice is that you have to believe in yourself even if you cannot believe 1% that you are capable of achieving anything. If you can’t, then talk to someone positive, positive minds always affect in a good way. Also, sorry about my english(sb should add this to the above list :P)

So, keep it up guys !

Christina -x



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