Black chords

tbxc-wyou-black tbxc-black11 tbxc-black8 tbxc-blvck-15 tbxc-black-15 copy tbxc-hair tbxc-hair-2 blackmilk-ig tbxc-black-3 tbxc-full tbxc-12 tbxc-black-18

both-blvck-all-black tbxc-black-2 tbxc-black-15tbxc-black-6

tbxc-blvck-blackmilk2 tbxc-bl-16faux fur coat & trousers Wyou (The Mall Athens / Attica City Link Athens/ Attica Cosmos/ Attica Tsimiski Thesssaloniki)

Body Blackmilkclothing / Sunglasses Zerouv / boots Solestruck / Rings Stylemoi / earrings hm

nails Aliona Gerasimova Luxury nails Thessaloniki

fot On Your Face by Efi

edit me (Christina Foka)

My father did a good job I think with my head. He is the one who shaved my hair. I so much like the feeling of shaved hair, I keep touching this side of my head.

Yesterday, I watched Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. It reminded me of Escher’s paintings. However, I still believe Escher was way ahead of his time, and the movie was just a nice movie, trying to talk about dimensions, quantum, chords and materialisation of love.



Christina -x



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