He doesn’t know, he is my Karma

tbxc-14 tbxc-12tbxc-21tbxc-20tbxc-18 tbxc-10 tbxc-9 tbxc-7 tbxc-6 tbxc-5 tbxc-4 tbxc-3 tbxc-2tbxc45tbxc-17tbxc-15

tbxc-30 tbxc-24 tbxc23 tbxc-22


tbxc-55 tbxc-50top/trousers/coat Wyou Clothing Attika (Thessaloniki, Athens) & Cosmos Shopping Mall Thessaloniki

shoes Kricketshoes.gr

Sunglasses Pepe Jeans

rings stylemoi.com

Nails Aliona Gerasimova  Luxury Nails

Hair Dad (Yes my dad is shaving my hair always)

Fot Nikolas Tsoukanaras

edit Me – Christina Foka


I usually not write anything, cause my english is not the best.

However, today I decided to shave my left side as well ( had the back of my head always shaved till now). At first, I did it by my self but then when I saw my father he redid it for me. So, now I am excited about the result. Most of the ppl told me not to shave my hair , so I did opposite. Never listening to the many. I like to do what ppl would not do.

Also, lately I have been working on many projects, therefore there was little time left to post many outfits. I am thinking maybe I should expand the blog in showing some of the projects I am working on (fashion, video art or architecture). Still haven’t decided on that tho, I am a bit shy 😉

Kiss guys

Christine -x



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