The Yellow Man & I

toybox-kricket-2 kricket-toybox dress-toybox






toybox-far toybox-goddiva-2 toy_close

toy-detail toy-kricket-2




 Dress Goddiva, Jacket Sheinside, beanie Sneak Aces, boots Kricket Special Edition, Sunglasses Neovita Eyewear

I loved that look, this time I combined many different styles and it worked for me 🙂 I received those Kricket special edition boots the other day and I wanted to show a way of wearing them by mixing them with street fashion elements. I think the result was a bit of vintage wear combined with pop colours and street wear. That’s me I guess. Always lost in the numerous of aspects, always changing my mind before I make a decision.

Also, those sunglasses became my favourite lately. They are Duchess style and angular shape that is my favourite when it comes to sunglasses 😉

Happy weekend guys! Let me know what you think x

fot Nikolas Tsoukanaras

edit me



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