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sunglasses Neovita, dress Lovelysally (both on sale now 🙂 )

First of all, I want to say that today I was so happy that we shot the last scene of our new fashion clip! We went to Aqua Forum where Vaggelis and I had to jump inside the pool and shot with one “go” the whole thing… Vaggelis loved the pool so much he wouldn’t come out, then he dropped his phone inside and then, while Efi and I where blowing it with the hairdryer, I realise my top had become purple from my freshly purple dyed hair :/ No worries though, I know I can remove the colour with laundry detergent and warm water. I am in serious love with all these greenish-purplish-pinkish hair colours but it seems they are a pain when it comes to maintenance. That’s why Hair maniax‘ have been doing a great job with my hair over the last month.
Other than that, what I love about the above outfit is the matching colour of Neovita sunglasses with my hair colour.  I am more than happy to have received those sunnies and I will explain to you the reasons..
First of all, the quality of the eyewear is similar to brands like Ray Ban, Gucci and Chanel, which is outstanding quality and beautiful craftsmanship. I am always doing some research on internet in order to discover fresh brands and I adore the hand crafted shoes and sunglasses. If you are also quality seekers, then Neovita is the way to go 🙂
Also, the frames are sturdy and robust, yet light and flexible 🙂
More pics of todays look coming, so cm back soon 🙂

make up Efi Votsou

pictures Vaggelis Roubos

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