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Trick or Treat??


HAIR Hair Maniax

sweater StaffbyMaff

leggings Blackmilk
photo: Vaggelis Roubos

make-up: Efi Votsou

Today I died my hair purple-pink. I was thinking I needed a change and I decided I should do something that would add light to my natural colour. I kept the natural color of my hair on top, added some stripes of purple to it and then died it ombre 🙂 The hairdressers did an amazing job with it, I am really staisfied with the result

I will soon post today’s purple-pink hair looks !

I am aware the color won’t last more than a month, therefore I am already thinking of the next hair-change and I am wondering what colour it could be that time!

Meanwhile Happy Halloween to all 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 1.34.23 PM

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