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Spectrum – Florence+theMachine

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Leggings Lovelysally, top BoyLondon, Leather Jacket Massimo Dutti, Shoes No-name, Jewellery Accessorize

make up Efi Votsou

pictures Js Photography gr

edit Christina Foka Hatz

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7 Responses to “Spectrum – Florence+theMachine”

  1. art

    Nice fashion photos 🙂 when&where it ll be next photoshooting 🙂

  2. art

    Can we be Invite to the next shot ?:)If it will Be in thessaloniki?

  3. art

    &to modelo einai polu wraio :))) ti einai eleutheri or not ??pou tha tin gnwrisoume :)))

  4. art

    is her name cristina??or threeheels??or both are the same person :?)

  5. art

    PoTe tha ginei i klirwsi gia Rantebou me ena lucky melos tou Fun Club ?:)


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