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inspiration architecture /photography /1920s girls

1b3afd_b5521c7cd26cca8029047175d6bbee08.jpg_1024 5965_10151509120011897_1585729635_n
7207_431112076981118_328641442_n 63942_362110747233405_309837760_n 318387_171515092986061_1299573193_n 483932_10151481033638654_951246121_n 524188_518620904839687_1347746727_n 534846_10151509119176897_954678488_n 563568_10151392898229094_883840832_n 575840_519305264771251_1416508531_n 856851_345017435607763_1932782606_o Interior of 2nd floor. greek_bakery IMG_0776 la-patisserie-des-rves-paris oxford-bookstore2-622 Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 11.35.10 PM smirni starbucks-coffee-shop-interiors-1-600x471 Starbucks-Fukuoka-13-800x1107 Sweat-Shop-cafe-Paris-002 the-optimist-counter vienna___
27897_528397093845696_1267618622_n 318387_171515092986061_1299573193_n 625702_518924681475976_740004832_n casual-eye-contact740762_326157804160393_1108734748_o 381_10151131213397706_2138381888_n 8561_10151534071990218_2096483897_n 62623_292225777528882_939308341_n 553093_564533410245932_763304176_n hurt images 1e09b6e2ab380c188574841d609277ff paris-cafe-1925 Marilyn Monroe and Jack Benny
circa 1950s 
** I.V.tip-toes

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