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When it is over

Sooner or later everything ends. That is the law of nature, I guess. Although, since existence is the consistent moving ,or else, energy, something will end when it will stop exist as a form of energy. But energy is everything, as far as it is concerned. So something really ends, when it is completely forgotten. For, thought can make it be alive for as long as someone wants. Sometimes it is hard to forget, sometimes it is preferred not to be forgotten. And here comes the “feeling”, which for many ancestors of us was considered as a weakness. It was the luck of mind to complete its logical thoughts, and, thus, it was translated as a thought of the heart. I do not know whether heart’s feelings actually exist, but one thing I can guess is that whatever they are, they make us weak. Without them, no mad man would ever treated as one, no art would make so many people cry, and no inside pain would be experienced.

Anyway, the thing is, when something ends, we have already killed it inside us. And since the thought of it is our creation and lives through us, we are killing a part of our own selves. Let it be. As nature teaches us, without end there is no start. Nobody can judge this as wrong, for nature keeps forgetting her own children. Either you choose to remember and to make things happen now, or you choose to forget. You may also remember without act. This is, also, ok. As far as you are given the choice to do so, you may adopt it and no one will ever tell you other way.

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