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once upon a time…

… there was a little girl living in a small house at the edge of a very high cliff. The house had no windows or doors. So tiny it was, that the bed was just right to the fridge and in front of it a tiny kitchen was pushed in the walls. The small house had a nice small fireplace. The girl loved the fireplace. Everyday she was cleaning it thoroughly when she woke up. She was always happy to see it bright shiny.

One day, a strange noise woke her up. Something had entered the house from the chimney and was lying on the floor. She opened her eyes and saw one dead bird surrounded by feathers. Of course, she had never seen a bird before, for all her life she had never been outside of the small house. She took the bird in her hands. Then she stepped under the chimney and tried to through it out again. But the bird was thicker than the top of the chimney so it stuck there. Now, she couldn’t reach it anymore. She started panicking that the chimney would always be dirty and the light would never enter the house again. She layed in her small bed sad, trying to figure out what to do.


Early next day she had already decided what to do. She took of her slippers that she always wore during the day and bend inside the fireplace. Then she looked up. She could barely have a glimpse of the bird. She started climbing the chimney, but the more she was ascending the hardest it was getting. First her dress tore off. Then the more she was struggling, her skin was getting scratched. But she didn’t mind, she just wanted to reach the bird. Full of blood, she realised that her hands wouldn’t fit anymore, so she decided to cut off one hand and drop it down. and so she did. After a while the other hand would not fit, so she let that hand also fall down. Now she was climbing only with her feet and a strange feeling of happiness had started overwhelming her. She was really close to that bird. But now her body was squeezed against the walls. She had to push her head up and cut her body off so she would push the bird out o f the chimney. But she didn’t really care about the bird anymore. She was smiling because she could see the blue sky for the first time of her life. She pushed herself as much as she could and her head almost came out of the chimney. Her body fell inside the house and on the floor. But her head was half out looking half outside and half inside. She knew she couldn’t push herself out anymore, she had no arms and no feet to do so. But she wanted it more than anything. And at that very moment a flying bird grabbed her head, but the bird was’t strong enough to carry it and so it left her on the top of the chimney. And now she could she everything, the hills, the trees, the sky, the birds, the sun, everything. She was so surprised she wanted to laugh out her happiness, but due to her excitement she moved her jaws more than she should and the head slipped from the chimney. Now she was falling down the cliff. But she didnt really mind. Because she wasn’t falling. She was flying, while the head was falling down and into the river. She was flying free, without any weight, out of the small house, above the hill, above the mountains and higher in the blue sky *

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